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Day 5 - Shanghai to Yichang


Hi everyone

Today we were up early as we had to catch a flight to Wuhan. The drive to the airport in peak hour took a little over an hour. We then did group check in and went through several security checks before we could head to the gate. That's one thing I can't get used to - all the security shcecks to get from one area to the next.

The flight from Shanghai to Wuhan was about 90 minutes and then it took nearly 30 minutes for our luggage to come through. We then raced for the bus and had to drive for around 90 minutes to get to the bullet train. The bus stopped in the parking lot and then it was a mad dash across all the traffic to get inside - it was crazy. Wuhan was very smoggy.

We were let onto the train platform at 4pm and the train was due to leave at 4.07 and it took 5 minutes to walk the length of the platform to our carriage. We then only had 2 minutes to get on with all our luggage. The men of the group were great and helped put all the bags above our heads. The trip to Yichang was about 2 hours and the train's top speed was 190klm/hour.

We were met by our local guide Helen and went to dinner at a local restaurant which served great food - have not been disappointed with the food at all so far. After dinner we then had another hour or so drive to the cruise terminal. Check in was easy and we then caught a cable car down to the boat. We had to walk over a couple of other boats to get to the Victoria Anna. We had a room upgrade but the rooms are still pretty small. We thought about upgrading to a suite but decided that we probably won't spend that much time in it. Cheryl & I checked out the bar and had a nightcap and chatted to some people of our group. I have to say I got a piña colada but I think she forgot the piña - I couldn't taste the alcohol at all. Think I might stick to wine. They have Jacobs Creek and Penfolds so I'll be right lol

Well time to sign off as it's almost midnight and I have to be up at 5.30. Breakfast is from 6.30 - 7.30 as we have to go early for our first tour in the morning.

As always - don't forget to look at the photos.

Until next time
Janelle & Cheryl

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Day 4 - Shanghai

Hi everyone

Today was a bit more relaxed and we got to sleep in a bit before breakfast. As I said I did try the dried snail which turned out to be tiny tiny dried prawns lol. They weren't too bad.

We left the hotel and took a 90 min bus ride to a water town (can't remember the name - sorry). It's basically like a bazaar with canals running through. People also live there. They also sell all different types of food - some of which I can't even begin to tell you what they were and how badly they smelled lol

We had another lovely lunch at one of the many restaurants and then free time. It's easy to get lost in the streets as the all look similar. We had to back track once. We took a small boat ride back to the entrance before heading back to the hotel. Dinner was your own choice and we headed to the local mall where we caught up with a couple of people from the tour and decided on pizza.

The night river to see the lights of Shanghai is very popular and there are about a dozen operating each night and they are fully booked. The lights were so beautiful and we got lots of photos.

Time for bed soon as we have an early start tomorrow as we fly to Wuhan, then a bullet train to Yichang before boarding the Victoria Anna that will take us through the Three Girges to Chonquing.

Don't forget to check out the photos.

Janelle & Cheryl

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Day 2 & 3 - Sydney to Shanghai

Hi everyone

Internet is very tricky at the moment. I did try to post last night but it looks like it didn't work.

We arrived late into Shanghai as we had to divert due to a storm. The whole trip was about 12 hours and I did manage to watch 3 movies and had a few naps along the way as well. Customs was quick but the luggage took ages. The trip from the airport to the hotel took about 40 mins and the views along the way were amazing. So many bright lights and things to see.

After getting to bed at 1.30am (Brisbane time - 2 hours ahead of here) we were up early for breakfast. It was a mixture of Eastern and Western foods - all great. Tomorrow I'm going to try dried snail and some green noodle dish - not sure what it's called - wish me luck.

We left the hotel at 8.15am and returned at 9.45pm. What a day!!

Our first stop was the Oriental Pearl Tower where the elevator went up 7 metres per second. The first observation deck was over 300 metres high. The views were spectacular. We then went down to the next deck which had a transparent deck. As some of you know I've got a great fear of heights so Cheryl did her best to get me out on the deck but there was no way. Along comes Betty a lovely 86yo lady in our group grabbed me by the hand and off we went. Such a dear little Scottish lady.

Next stop was lunch at a local restaurant on the Bubd. We tried all kinds of different food which was wonderful. We then went for a walk along the Bund before returning to the bus to head to a Silk Factory. The silks were beautiful and we got to see how a silk doona (duvet) is made. The silk from 1 cocoon makes 1 layer of a doona - simply amazing.

We then walked through a bazaar to the Yu Gardens. They were beautiful and the Koi were huge. After the garedens we went to the French Qyarter and enjoyed a wine and a cocktail all for the sum of $14.50 - thank you happy hour! We then went to Najing Road for a quick window shop before heading to dinner. Another amazing meal and then off to an acrobatic show which was incredible.

The city of Shanghai is home to around 24 million people - which is around the total population of Australia! Bikes and scooters everywhere - crazy!

Water Town tour tomorrow and then Shanghai by night.

More when we can.

Janelle & Cheryl

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Day 1 - Brisbane to Sydney

Hi Everyone

After a sight delay to our departure time from Brisbane due to the early morning fog this morning we had an uneventful flight. Waited for the T-Bus to take us to the International airport and our overnight stay at Rydges. Have been to dinner and now all settled in our room.

Up early tomorrow for check in and of course duty free. Still undecided as to what alcohol to get. What a dilemma to have ha ha.

Hopefully will be able to blog tomorrow night when we get to Shanghai.

Janelle & Cheryl

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Three Weeks to Go

Hi all

Cheryl & I only have 3 weeks before we leave for China. Hopefully I will be able to update this blog while we go on our adventure.

Enjoy :)

Janelle & Cheryl

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